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Hacker AI vs. Security AI

Hacker AI

Artificial intelligence is an amazing field of technology that pretends to be smart like humans. AI tools get knowledge that lets them do things that humans usually do through machine learning. As you might guess, this technology is helpful for almost everyone. But it also comes with security risks, especially for companies and organizations. This is because a hacker can use AI and use it to wreak havoc!

It’s funny that businesses can use the same technology to help them as well as hurt them. The thing about AI that makes it hard to tell if it is good or bad is that it exists. This post will talk about the differences between AI used for hacking and AI used for security. In the end, you will learn how to use AI to keep your business safe.

How Hackers Use AI

While AI is still young, it has already given hackers many clever tools they can use to make their attacks more effective. It would take multiple pages to talk about all the ways they use AI to break security and do other bad things. For example, let us list some of the most common ways these thieves do bad things. This will help you understand how hacker AI works. 

Malware Created by Hacker AI

People who are very good at writing code have traditionally overseen making software. But now, thanks to AI, almost anyone can write code for viruses. The machine will “write” code for the program almost as soon as you tell it what to do. Typically, AI-created software is very cunning and can bypass even the strongest security measures.

Advanced Phishing Attacks

AI-powered chatbots are useful tools, but sadly, one of the main ways they are used is to make fake phishing emails that look real. This is possible because AI algorithms collect and analyze sensitive data. Since these emails are personalized for each recipient, they seem more trustworthy.

How Hacker AI Gets Around Biometric Security Systems

Hacker AI can now copy the human mind, behavior, and looks. This means that biometric systems are not as safe as they used to be. AI can make copies of voiceprints and fingerprints, which makes it simple for hackers to get into most biometric systems.

How AI Security Works

Hacker AI might seem to be ahead with technology, but that’s not always the case. Many protection tools we use today are stronger with the help of AI. The technology hackers use to get around security systems is also very useful in many of them today. Most of the time, AI works in the following ways to keep you safe.

Early Threat Detection 

Machine learning can teach security systems to find and stop threats more quickly and effectively. AI algorithms can tell when danger is about to happen, even if there aren’t any signs. This security step is done by looking at past patterns, trends, and other data.

Quicker Incident Response 

AI systems watch your networks and systems all the time. If something is wrong, the system cannot always tell, but it will take the appropriate action to stop any security issue before it even happens.

Less Human Error

An employee with the most training or skills can still make mistakes, but an AI system that has learned well can always get perfect or almost perfect results. That is very accurate for AI to find risks and warning signs, and there is practically no chance that a threat will go undiscovered.

Automated Security Tasks

You can put your staff to work on more important or difficult tasks instead of routine security tasks like network monitoring or data analysis. AI can then take care of these tasks. In this way, AI is not only an important tool for better security but also for better managing work.

Last Thoughts on Hacker AI and Security AI

You will have to deal with both the good and bad sides of AI as a business owner. On the one hand, you should think about bringing the newest AI technology into your business to stay ahead of the competition and make it safer. You should be aware of the growing risks associated with AI-powered attacks on your company and take the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself from these threats.

We get that this can be very annoying since your main goal should be to run your business. For that reason, we are ready to take over everything that has to do with safety. We can do everything for you, from putting up a strong AI-assisted security system to monitoring it to make sure no threats get through. 

You can find a lot of useful information about this subject in our Cybersecurity E-book, which you can download HERELet us know when you’re ready to take that step.

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