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Dan L.

Here is my story:

In recent years our monthly IT expenses were growing beyond our budget.  I needed to:


• replace all but 3 company desktop CPUs, update 2 others and add a new server,


 • simplify IT management without sacrificing services, and


• stay within the budget for monthly IT expenses.


Our previous long-term IT management company could do some, but not all the above. My business was facing a financial crisis. That is when I reached out to MDIA.


MDIA not only met our needs but did so in a wonderful fashion.  They took time to come onsite to fully understand our business needs and tailor their management strategy accordingly. They assigned a team to install the new equipment and streamline the offboarding process. That was many months ago and I am pleased with the results. 


Since the initial set-up and offboarding, MDIA’s ongoing support has been stellar as well. They have a “deep bench” of excellent support people, making it easy for us to reach out to them for immediate service when needed. However, thanks to the new equipment and MDIA’s management, we rarely need to contact them.


Because MDIA is true to their word, we can now concentrate on our business and what we do best. I sleep better at night, knowing that MDIA is taking care of all our IT “stuff.”


Thanks, MDIA!


As you can tell, I am enthusiastic to recommend MDIA for IT management.  Please feel free to contact me at dlantz@drlantz2020.com if you wish.