Touch Kiosk

Bright, interactive touchscreen displays that are perfect for your school or business needs.

From schools, hospitals, courthouses, and businesses we have a touch kiosk solution to make information a breeze.

We are creating interactive touch kiosk solutions that are customized to meet the needs for your school, hospital, courthouse, or business. We work with you, and within your budget, to come up with a solution to meet your needs.

Whether it is showcasing alumni from years past, displaying school athletic records, maps and information for your hospital, court info, or displaying dynamic business content. The options are endless!

In addition to having customer support with our design team, training is included for you and your staff to learn how to update photos and information to your touch kiosk.


School Touch Kiosk

A Clean & Organized Solution for Announcements, Alumni Photos, & Athletic Records.

~Alumni Photos~

Reduce hallway or storage clutter. We digitize your alumni photos and transport them to our touch kiosk! 

~Alumni Athletic Records~

Organized digital records of your Alumni Athletes that can be displayed openly to the public!

Hospital InfoCare Solution

Great solution for displaying maps, cafeteria menu, services, and information.

Perfect for those in the waiting room to pass the time and learn more about your hospital.

Supply friends and family of patients direction, information, and resources.

Touch Kiosk has so many applications and abilities making it a perfect solution for your needs!


Midwest Data makes that as easy as it should be

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